Toledo - Hydraulic Puller Kits

265000 - Twin & Triple Leg Puller & Bearing Separator Combination Kit

  • Hydraulic bearing puller combination kit provides a complete pulling and separating solution
  • Features hydraulic ram, bearing separator, twin and triple head beam configuration, three leg sizes (100, 150 & 200mm)
  • Universal master kit ideal for most agricultural, automotive, industrial, marine and mining applications
  • Manufactured from drop forged high quality steel, heat treated for strength and durability
  • Supplied in a blow mould storage case
  • Spread: 180mm
  • Reach: 425mm
  • Separator capacity: 75-105mm
  • Working force: 10 Tonne


Description - ShortUniversal master kit ideal for various applications
Includes 75-105mm bearing separator
Manufactured from drop forged high quality steel and heat treated
Supplied in a blow mould storage case
Capacity: 10 tonne
Spread: 180mm
Reach: 425mm
SparesHydraulic ram repair seal kit Toledo part no. 265001


245105Bearing Separator - 75–105mm3
265004Centre Nut Threaded (To Suit Twin & Triple Head)1
265011Extension Rod - 225mm (1/2”)1
265100Hydraulic Ram & Nose Piece - 10 Tonne1
265041Leg - 100mm (4")1
265061Leg - 150mm (6")1
265081Leg - 200mm (8")1
265010Main Rod - 200mm (1/2")1
265008Nose Extension Set (3 Piece)1
265009Sliding Twin Beam Internal - 200mm1
265003Triple Head - 135mm1
265002Twin Head - 135mm1